Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kick in The Shins

*=new music **=local music
Theme from the Twilight Zone by Marius Constant from The Best Of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone: Original Television Scores Varese Sarabande 1990.
Vehicle by Ides-Of-March Collector's Choice 2006
The Shins – New Slang, Oh, Inverted World
The Shins – Caring Is Creepy, Oh, Inverted World
The Shins – Girl Inform Me, Oh, Inverted World
Robbers on High Street, Kick em in the Shins, Grand Animals
Dia Frampton with Kid Cudi – Don't Kick The Chair, Red
The Shins – Kissing The Lipless, Chutes Too Narrow
The Shins – Sea Legs, Wincing The Night Away
The Shins – Turn On Me, Wincing The Night Away
The Shins – Pink Bullets, Chutes Too Narrow
The Tomatoes – Kicking You In The Shins, Trendy
The Shins – Fighting In A Sack, Chutes Too Narrow
Misha V. Stefanuk – Ol' Dee Mow Shins (Operating On Echoes), I Saw A Blue Bird In Central Park
The Shins - Simple Song, Port of Morrow


(well, nine, actually—we couldn’t think of ten)

It beats competitive walking, synchronised swimming, ‘DanceSport’ and
any number of namby-pamby pastimes already recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


If judo fighters are allowed to break bones in the Olympics
(and they are), then shin kicking should be a ‘shoe-in’.


Even the wrestlers of Ancient Greece used to kick shins (though they also wrestled in the nude, something that modern shin kickers save for the privacy of their own homes).


Thanks to the Cotswold Olimpicks (est. 1612), the British were the
only guardians of the Olympic flame between the Games of ancient
Greece and their revival in 1896. Okay, so it took a Frenchman
to start the modern Olympics, but he got the idea from us.


The Cotswold Olimpicks are refreshingly free of multinational sponsorship, dodgy anthems and cheesy opening ‘extravaganzas’.


The sport has never been tarnished by bribery scandals (though bung-hungry IOC officials could probably wangle a free drink at a local pub).


Shin Kicking would give ‘teamGB’ a chance to win Olympic gold in a sport more riveting than rowing, curling or, er, skeet shooting.


Unlike most Olympic sports, it’s a dead cert that at least one of the competitors will actually get hurt.


There’s no need for dope tests—if anything, stupidity is encouraged.

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